What do machine learning, data analytics, and freight visibility all have in common? They're all highlighted in this special season, featuring some of the most dynamic RoadSigns guests yet. How will machine learning enhance transportation software? How can fleets navigate the path ahead for data analytics and ELDs? These questions and more are all answered in Season Five of RoadSigns. 



"Is everything moving according to plan?" Supply chain managers in charge of procuring, shipping, storing, and managing those items find themselves fighting against the clock - constantly. Items deteriorate. Items are exposed to risk. Technologies purport to help manage both inventory and transit, help respond to customers, help increase transparency. This season of Road Signs focuses on our ability to see freight from all points along the supply chain.



This season, RoadSigns turns to the business side of commercial freight. Its mission: to understand more about the microeconomic conditions that pressure bottom lines and learn more about how top decision makers and creative entrepreneurs alleviate those pressures and find new ways to allocate some very scarce resources (like fuel and capacity). 



Policy and Donald Trump. In this season of RoadSigns, we visit Capitol Hill to see what Congress is doing for infrastructure, mean while in California the first real electric ecosystem is established. Guest host Dan Ronan wonders, could what's happening at the ports of Southern California have consequences for the way the rest of the nations experiences an electric future? 



Autonomy, electrification, and blockchain discoveries are the main theme of Season One of RoadSigns. In our pilot season, we find that new technologies are at the doorstep of the trucking industry promising to change the traditional system, improve freight efficiency, streamline business process, and help alleviate some really big pains. 

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Exploring the trends and technologies that are shaping the future of trucking.

RS26 | 31mins

What Did CES 2020 Reveal About the Future of Trucking?

What was trucking doing at CES 2020? This is the question that drives host Seth Clevenger to Las Vegas and the event formerly known for crazy consumer gadgets.

RS25 | 41mins

RoadSigns Roundabout: Automated Trucking, Part II

As part of a 2020 preview, and a two-part investigation of autonomous today, this episode revisits conversations with some of 2019's most knowledgeable experts in autonomous trucking.

RS24 | 22mins

RoadSigns Roundabout: Automated Trucking, Part I

As part of a 2020 preview, and a two-part investigation of autonomous today, this episode revisits conversations with some of 2019's most knowledgeable experts in autonomous trucking. 



Upgrade in progress. New technologies are increasingly accessible -- and in some cases required -- for trucking businesses. This season of RoadSigns takes a look at the very real technologies most likely to effect business operations this year. What is it like to cope in moments of technological transition? How does a business effectively shed old ways of doing things? Where will that business find new efficiencies, first? 




This season, we take RoadSigns on the road to some of the industry's biggest trade shows. There, we discover transportation is becoming increasingly connected with more sensors, more data and more insights to help trucking and logistics providers operate more efficiently. We also cover the special topic of workplace inclusion and how a more diverse leadership team can create a competitive advantage in business. 



Thanks to the provocative predictions about our connected future, RoadSigns guests presented listeners with a pretty surprising picture of trucking and freight transportation.  In this episode, we reflect on those themes and interviews from 2019.  Host Seth Clevenger gives fresh commentary on the industry-wide transition to ELD, expansion of tracking and freight visibility technology, and the clarity you need to tackle truck tech's most complicated issues in the new year. Join us.