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A long line of mergers and acquisitions have dramatically reshaped the trucking technology sector over the past decade. But what does this consolidation trend mean for the trucking and logistics companies that rely on these technologies? In this episode, Seth Clevenger speaks with James Langley, senior vice president at Trimble Transportation, on the modernization of tech stacks and how freight technology companies are coming together to reach a common end goal: making fleet operations more efficient. Tune in.

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Jeff Baer is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LinkeDrive, Inc. where he leads the vision and execution for the company’s enterprise mobile platform and PedalCoach® application. As the foundation for the “Internet of Trucks,” these integrated, mobile solutions increase fuel efficiency, safety and driver retention rates for the transportation industry, optimizing driver performance and maximizing ROI. Baer’s pioneering driver-centric approach applies Nobel Prize winning behavioral economics to more effectively engage, empower, coach, and motivate drivers. Because of it, LinkeDrive’s tools are poised to revolutionize the industry. Prior to LinkeDrive, Baer led A123 Systems’ sales of lithium ion energy storage for the commercial vehicle market. Earlier, he led business development at RAMP Holdings (BBN) and engineered powertrain systems and electronic engine controls for trucks at Ford Motor Company.

James Langley

Jeff Baer

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James Langley serves as the senior vice president of Trimble’s Transportation Sector and most recently served as general manager of its Enterprise business. He has been in the transportation industry for 25 years, garnering valuable experience from well-known organizations such as UPS, JB Hunt, US Xpress and most recently as president of Dart Transit. In addition, Langley spent five years with TMW Systems leading its Business Intelligence and Optimization initiatives. A blend of experience in parcel, LTL, TL, intermodal, brokerage and 3PL operations combined with years of focus on business analytics and logistics engineering give him a unique perspective on the transportation industry both as a technology provider and consumer. Langley received his bachelor’s degree in Transportation and Logistics from the University of Arkansas.