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According to McKinsey, the trucking industry is expected to recover from the effects of the pandemic fastest of all transportation modes. In this special 2021 roundabout episode, we look back at how trucking not only worked to recover but also improve through the darkest of times, how innovators continued innovating, how food and water still made it to grocery store shelves, and how life-saving vaccines made it into arms nationwide.   

Tune in as host Michael Freeze looks back at challenges that made our industry wiser, finding better solutions to keep the world moving forward in 2022.  

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When Gene Woolsey retired five years ago, he knew his time behind the wheel was not over. But he wanted to transition from making a living to making a difference, and found his opportunity not far from his front doorstep. And now he's one of Trucking's Frontline Heroes.

Cully Frisard

Gene Woolsey

EP. 2

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Guest One, Cully Frisard
Guest Two, John Baxter

It was early in Cully Frisard’s transportation career when Hurricane Katrina devastated his home state of Louisiana, but the lessons he learned from that 2005 storm steered his response in September when Hurricane Ida delivered a similar blow to the southeastern state. Now he's one of Trucking's Frontline Heroes.



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