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On February 17, 2020 a privately-owned transportation and supply chain management company was attacked by malware. The company was a notable trucking industry for-hire company player with a strong IT team and plentiful resources. And, yet, even this well-oiled company was not cyber-attack proof. If cyber security threats can take down these digital systems, what will they do to yours? Can you prepare? In this episode, host Michael Freeze relays the company story and discusses strategies that need to be implemented to avoid cyber-attacks. To crystallize the conversation, he brings in a 30-year veteran of automotive cyber security, vehicle electronics and diagnostics systems. Tune in to their conversation, and you will be on your way to securing your digital storehouse and precious data.  



Ernest Hamilton is Senior Transportation Manager of Associated Asphalt, LLC in Roanoke, VA and author of the book Overcoming Challenge: The Tar-Billy Way. Before being named Senior Transportation Manager in 2016, Ernest’s history in the trucking industry dated back to his childhood. His dad and many other family members were drivers and owner operators as well. After graduating high school, he took the steps needed to become a truck driver, earning approximately a million miles of safe driving. 

Seth Clevenger

Ernest Hamilton

EP. 2

Guest One, Julien Plenchette
Guest Two, Ernest Hamilton

Seth Clevenger is managing editor of features at Transport Topics. He plans, writes and edits news features for Transport Topics’ weekly newspaper, supplemental publications and TTNews.com. He also creates video and audio content for Transport Topics’ webcasts, podcasts and radio programming.


Most people know Penske for their big yellow trucks, but they’re so much more than that. Their customized transportation and supply chain solutions help move lives and businesses forward. Penske doesn’t just understand their customers’ businesses, they’re embedded in them and driven to help them gain ground every day.  

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Guest One, Mark Zachos

Mark Zachos

Over 30 years of engineering experience in automotive cyber security, vehicle electronics and diagnostics systems; hold several patents on vehicle communications technology; The US Head of Delegation to the International Standards Organization (ISO) Road Vehicle Standards Working Group; member of TMC, IEEE, and SAE; Chairman for several technical standards Task Forces with direct involvement with document development for over 20 technical light and heavy-duty vehicle standards. 

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